Guideline & Materials

    In the following, you find instructions for creating a documentation of a measurement instrument in ZIS, format templates (for the documentation and the instrument), tutorials for performing common analyses within the development and validation of measurement instruments, and all templates for applying for the DTK certificate (DIN Screen Checklist and Self-declaration).


    • ZIS Publication Guide (doi:10.6102/pubguide2.1.English): This guide to documentation also explains various analyses that are common for the development and validation of measurement instruments.
    • Survey Guideline: This guideline consists of a checklist that assists you to ensure the completeness of the documentation.

    Format templates

    Please document your measurement instrument in English, regardless of its language, to make it more visible to the international scientific community.

    Tutorials to conduct the analyses

    Templates TBS-DTK Transparency Certificate

    Please send the DIN SCREEN Checklist 1, Version 3, the completed and signed self-declaration (as a scan), and the ZIS documentation of your measurement instrument (procedural information) to the chairperson of the DTK (currently Prof. Dr. Martin Kersting to apply for the certification.