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T2 - Zusammenstellung sozialwissenschaftlicher Items und Skalen (ZIS)
AU - Stocké, V.
DO - https://zis.gesis.org/DoiId/zis136
UR - 10.6102/zis136
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This scale serves to capture the generalized attitude to education which, like the construct of idealistic educational aspiration, refers to the strength of a positive attitude to education and to the extent to which higher educational attainment is seen as an indispensable necessity. The underlying theory is the model of frame selection, in which educational decisions are based (1) on global and schematically ordered attitudes and (2) on respondents' values. The answers thus express the extent to which a higher level of education is regarded as a value in itself.

PY - 2005 PB - ZIS - GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences LA - deu SN - http://zis.gesis.org/