T1 - General Self-Efficacy Short Scale-3 (GSE-3)
T2 - Zusammenstellung sozialwissenschaftlicher Items und Skalen (ZIS)
AU - Doll, E. S
AU - Nießen, D
AU - Schmidt, I
AU - Rammstedt, B
AU - Lechner, C. M.
DO - https://zis.gesis.org/DoiId/zis294
UR - 10.6102/zis294
AB - 

General self-efficacy describes the global confidence in one's own competence and is relevant for a variety of settings, such as health-related, social, and motivational contexts. The General Self-Efficacy Short Scale?3 (GSE-3)-the English-language adaptation of the German-language scale ?Allgemeine Selbstwirksamkeit Kurzskala? (ASKU; Beierlein, Kovaleva, et al., 2014)- enables to measure GSE with only three items in a very economical way. The scale further meets excellent quality criteria, such as objectivity, reliability, factorial, and construct validity, and scalar measurement invariance holds across the UK and Germany. GSE-3 is particularly suitable to be applied in large social science surveys.

PY - 2021 PB - ZIS - GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences LA - en SN - http://zis.gesis.org/