What is ZIS?

    ZIS is an open access repository for social and behavioural science measurement instruments (items, scale, questionnaire, test, index). Documented are German, English and multilingual measurement instruments, which can be used free of charge in surveys for non-commercial research purposes. Each documentation contains information on the development and validation of the measuring instrument and is reviewed and evaluated in accordance with established scientific quality standards.

    The two functions of ZIS

    • Publishing. Empirically proven measurement instruments can be published in ZIS in a visible, permanently available and citable manner. This is possible in ZIS even if you have already published or made available your instrument elsewhere (see Publishing Requirements). Publishing measuring instruments is for free.
    • Search and find. A special search function (simple and advanced) helps to find suitable measurement instruments for your research project. The ZIS database contains over 260 measurement instruments. In addition, you can search in ZIS in the database of the FDZ Bildung (exclusively educational instruments).

    Why publishing in ZIS?

    • Establishment of the measurement instrument. Each measurement instrument and its documentation in ZIS are registered with its own DOI in da|ra to facilitate citations.Digital Object Identifier. Thus it becomes permanently available and can be cited sustainably.
    • Protection of copyrights. You retain the copyright to your instrument. We use Creative Commons Licenses.
    • Promotion of new research. Sharing the measurement instrument with other researchers can promote new research.
    • Data collection. Additional users of the measurement instrument can obtain new data on the measurement instrument.

    Why searching in ZIS?

    • Findability of measurement instruments. A special search function makes it easier to find suitable measuring instruments.
    • Compare measurement instruments. A uniform documentation scheme facilitates the comparison of different measurement instruments.
    • Transparent terms of use. The terms of use are specified in each documentation.
    • Existing comparative data.¬†Comparative data are provided for all measurement instruments.
    • Information about the development status.¬†Each measurement instrument is evaluated by ZIS according to the information content of the documentation for the development and validation of the instrument.